The Welding Training Program for Victoria Engineering Limited Uganda Came to a Successful End


On 6th April 2018, the Victoria welding training program lasting for 50 days came to a successful end. Irene Muyindike, the General Manager of Victoria Engineering Limited, Gong Zhiwu, the Head of Training of Sunmaker, as well as Ni Laixing, the International welding trainer, attended the certificate awarding ceremony. Group photos were taken after the meeting. 

On 27th, March, Uganda New Vision made special report on Sunmaker under the heading: “The New Institute to Prepare Ugandans for Oil Sector”. Gong Zhiwu, the Head of Training was interviewed by the reporters: with the development of Uganda petroleum industry, it is expected that the labor demand of this industry in Uganda will reach more than 13,000 people by 2019. Talents will be of urgent need, especially  welding workers. The welding training of Victoria Engineering Limited was started under this circumstance. Gong Zhiwu also mentioned: Sunmaker is based in Uganda and is committed to providing qualified talents for petroleum industry in Uganda. Currently Sunmaker Oil and Gas Training Institute has been completed with facilities and equipment ready. It is projected that 4,000 people will be trained annually, thus providing qualified talents for oil and gas industry continuously.

Meanwhile, the reporters from New Vision interviewed the trainee Andrew who has been working in Victoria Engineering Company for 10 years. He said that his theoretical level and professional skills were both improved greatly through this welding training. He also showed recognition and appreciation for the professional skills and teaching attitude of the international welder Ni Laixing from Sunmaker.

Ms. Irene Muyindike, the General Manager of Victoria Engineering Limited, mentioned that the welding efficiency and quality have been significantly improved and they are very contented with the training outcomes. Victoria even wrote letter of thanks to express their recognition and appreciation of the training from Sunmaker.