1. QHSE Vision

Sunmaker regards “ Zero injuries, Zero pollution, Zero complains and Zero loss” as its goal and is committed to achieving the best QHSE performance in the oil and gas industry.

2. QHSE Policy

Life, Environment, Customer, Excellence.

  • LifeThe most important aspect during our work is to protect life.

  • Environment: Protect the environment whenever we work.

  • Customer: Do everything we can to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Excellence: We always pursue outstanding performance standards.

3. QHSE Values

QHSE Values: QHSE is the first priority in Sunmaker.

4. QHSE Commitment

QHSE Commitment: Sunmaker has always believed that QHSE is the core value of the company: “ In a country, for a country”Sunmaker requires all employees to accept responsibility and to fulfill their obligation regarding QHSE performance. Line managers are required to communicate, demonstrate and comply with all relevant QHSE policies and standards. We commit to

  • Abide by the laws of the countries and regions and other requirements, respect the local custom.

  • Establish and execute QHSE system, continually improve the performance of QHSE system.

  • Reduce the occupational health damage, improve working conditions, protect the physical and mental health of the employee and relevant personnel.


The Sunmaker QHSEMS determines the QHSE principles wherever we work. All of these principles will be communicated and understood by employees, customers, contractors and related parties who are involved with our business. Each department has the responsibility to fully implement QHSEMS.

6. Brief Introduction to Performance

Seventh, Brief Introduction to Performance
International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) released the following industry-recognized safety statistics, including employees and their contractors who participated in work-related activities:

  • LTIR (consolidated lost time accident frequency)

  • TRIR (total recordable incident frequency)

  • MVAR (accident rate (km))